The department was established in 1993 as a graduate course to meet increasing demands for advanced research and education and energy source , emphasizing on nuclear fusion engineering and science. Abundant opportunities for research are provided, including fusion related plasma science, nuclear science, energy system and thermal engineering, and energy related superconducting engineering.
The department accepts students who graduate from undergraduate courses of various departments of physics and chemistry. The educational program provides graduate students with the ability to explore cross disciplinary energy problems as well as their own field.

Experts from the National Institute for Fusion Science (NIFS) and the Research Center for Advanced Energy Conversion activity participate in the research and education program.

Yoshida Lab.
Yamazaki Lab.
Tsuji Lab.
Matsuda Lab.
Deguchi Lab.
Yamazawa Lab.
Ohno Lab.
Watanabe Lab.
Kubo Lab.

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